Jacquelyn Fields Designs

JackieWhere does inspiration come from? For me, it is the fabrics themselves that seem to dictate what kinds of pieces they will become.

As my life evolves, so do my creative interests. From dinnerware & textile design to clothing design and now a children's line, each stage of my life has come together organically-artist, designer, mother and business woman.

My current collections & artwork incorporates style and whimsy- the fun comes from finding that unexpected combination of fabrics and color that create something fabulous!

I hope you get the same satisfaction & enjoyment from my pieces that I get in creating them.


Jackie received a B.A in English & Art from Skidmore College in upstate New York, and a Master's Education from the University of Pennsylvania. She continued her artistic training at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and The Parson's School of Design in New York city.

All items are handmade in the USA.